full_book-copy“OpFor (Oppositional Force)” A short story about an Army Cadet who gets a $25,000 career starter loan that he spends feverishly in the months leading up to his commissioning. This story was selected for The Master’s Review Volume III by guest editor Lev Grossman. Grab a copy today! You can also read Shane’s interview with the Master’s Review about the story here.

Upender“Bare Mattress” was published online by Upender in February 2015. It’s the story of Cadet Amanda Funk as she confronts isolationism and loneliness in her two-person dorm room turned single. You can also read the Q&A I did with the editor about the story here.


Straylight“The Things We Keep, The Things We Leave Behind” was published in Winter 2013 in Straylight Literary Magazine’s Print Issue 6.2. A short story about a man riding a bicycle across America – not to get somewhere, but to escape from where he’s been.


ResAliens“The End of Eden” was published by ResAliens, a science fiction journal, back in 2010. One of the first short stories Shane published, it is about a starving young couple who stumble upon what seems to be the Garden of Eden at the end of the world.



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