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Shane R Collins Author Pic - Mountain Backdrop

Somewhere in Yukon.

Shane is currently seeking representation for his novel-in-stories called ROTC-Land about a company of Army cadets attending the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. Here is some advance praise for the novel:

“Look at the crisp simplicity of the opening of Shane R Collins’s ‘OpFor (Oppositional Force)’:

Cadet Warren Buehler gathered kindling — dried moss, rotting sticks, some dead leaves — and arranged them into the shape of a teepee like he’d seen on survival shows.

Watch what he does: he grounds you in the sharp, high-def specificity of the kindling, then with the reference to survival shows he reachesout into the ether for cultural context. It’s a sentence that goes from tweeter to woofer in thirty words.” – Lev Grossman, New York Times Bestseller and Time Book Critic

“Blazingly direct, evocative, and emotionally honest, ROTC-Land is cracklingly sharp and full of insight.” – Sarah Braunstein, The Sweet Relief of Missing Children

“Shane Collins’s ROTC-Land takes on America’s post-9/11 wars from a welcome and unfamiliar angle: part-time warriors who grow into adulthood on and off mock battlefields.┬áIn spare, incisive, and often funny prose, Collins brings his characters to life with humor and heart.” – Aaron Hamburger, The View From Stalin’s Head

Shane received his MFA in Creative Writing from Stonecoast in January 2015. He writes fiction from his farmhouse in rural Vermont.

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